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Click and drag to rotate the image. Move the pointer over the scene buttons to select another scene.


This immersive experience introduces learners to a process that can be applied for iterative and thorough planning. The scenario of planning for the installation of a backyard pool is used to demonstrate the process. Users are shown that first information must be gathered, a method proposed and then the assessed to determine whether additional information is required or if the method is feasible.

This process is completed multiple times (in an office and onsite) before arriving at the proposed plan for the pool construction. Throughout the process, communication and collaboration are demonstrated to ensure the plan is thorough and completed prior to the work commencing


Interactive VR places the learner on a virtual construction site and asks them to plan the layout of the facilities required for construction. The goal for the learned is to submit a plan that is both feasible and limits the expense required to deal with existing feature conflicts.


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